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Some things about growing up.

Since my birthday is in a few days and I’m turning into a super legal age adult ( and i hate it ), these are some points based on my experience about growing up.

I can see that some children nowadays are in a rush to grow up. I admit that I’m in a rush myself during my younger years. I envy my older friends and my older cousins, where they can do whatever they want. No curfews or anything. Not studying anymore. Go to faraway places without their parents. Sophisticated. I remember back then when me and my playmates imagine ourselves as teachers or officeworkers, and i can’t forget when we imagined that we are going to Sweden all by ourselves.We even imagined that we have our own condo unit, and so on. Haha. 😀

But now, i realized that growing into an adult is really painful.I don’t know , but all of a sudden, everything becomes complicated. During my childhood years, i only cry because my playmate didn’t gave me a candy, or i scraped my knee. But now, i cry because i feel left out, i cried because he rejected me, i cried because i failed one of my exams. Little by little, i learned that the world is not a playground that i used to think when i was a kid. And it really makes me sad. 😦

As you grow older, your parents and other people would expect a lot from you. Their tolerance of your mistakes will lessen, because they expect that you are matured enough to correct or avoid those flaws. Others would thought that you won’t need their help because you’re now an adult, you’re strong enough to handle it. And that’s the problem. When you are strong, no one offers you hand. Some people forget that even the greatest one, has a weakness. We are all human. Nobody is perfect.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t be in a rush to grow up. Everything takes time and your childhood- you can never get it back. So live your life to the fullest, cherish each day and just be who you are. 🙂 One would never be a butterfly if it didn’t experience being a caterpillar.


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