21 wonderful years.


Last May 15, i just turned a year older and I was so blessed that I’ve got to spend 21 wonderful years here on earth 🙂

Although, i was disappointed that my cousins didn’t come, and it seems that they had forgotten my birthday, and people who i expected to greet me didn’t, still I had a lot of fun on that day because no birthdays are better without spending it with your family 🙂


And by the way, my wish gift came true ! i finally got a copy of ‘ the catastrophic history of you and me’ and i finished it all in one day 🙂 Planning to make a book review soon 🙂

My siblings also gave me a sweet birthday card, and i realized that no matter what happens, your family will always be there for you. You can choose friends but you can’t choose family. ❤

Last but not the least, these things are not possible without God. My life may not be perfect, but the fact that I’m alive and safe up until now, It’s a lot to thank for. And having a family that cares for you, friends that supports you, and other loved ones who thinks about you, I’m really blessed to have them all.

So, more and more birthdays to come for me and may all my wish come true. 🙂


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