expecting too much, can lead you to a great amount of disappointment.

I feel sad for my cousin before, now I’m starting to worry and a bit annoyed to his situation. I thought his siblings are just over exaggerating about his study habits. But now, i know that there’s so much more. He’s so focused in getting to top, that he forgot to relax, to stop, to rest for while. To spend time with us, with me. I’m worried about it because like i said, expecting too much – too much focused on getting what you want, can really kill you. I’m serious. Well, you get depressed first, and we all know that a huge percent of depression can lead to suicide.

There’s nothing wrong to head straight for your goal, or particularly, being a perfectionist, but the world needs balance. Too much or few  can destroy the balance. And life needs balance.

So please, cousin, and to anyone out there experiencing too much pressure in reaching your goals, don’t forget that you’re human. You need to rest too. And imperfections are part of our lives, no matter what you do, you can’t avoid mistakes.

Enjoy life, friend 🙂


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