Throwback trip. @ Laguna.

Our last trip for the summer, and indeed, this ‘throwback’ trip is a best example of ‘ save the best for last’. We went to Nagcarlan and Majajay Laguna, and the last time we went there ( in majajay ) was 8 years ago and the last time i went to Nagcarlan was 6 years ago, during my second year high school field trip. :))


Infront of Nagcarlan underground cemetery.

On the way, we first stopped by Nagcarlan Underground cemetery and I was shocked when we got there since i was asleep throughout the trip. Many memories flooded again in my mind- memories of my second year high school field trip, the one that was postponed 2 times ! I can’t forget the time when our field trip was postponed for the second time – me and my friends were so bitter on that day ( we still had classes ) that we keep on imagining that we are on our field trip. Good thing that our field trip finally happened by January, and we had a lot of fun : ) I miss those times.

The place is still the same, although the place doesn’t give me the creeps anymore. Maybe because during our field trip years ago, a classmate of mine saw something in the cemetery O__O. Luckily, no ghost appeared when me and my family got there. 🙂

After our short trip to the cemetery, we went to the place we’ve been a long time ago – in Dalitiwan resort, Majayjay Laguna. Imagine our shock when we got there- i didn’t almost recognized the place – except for the main falls in the resort. So many things had changed in the past 8 years, and the place is not that remote anymore. We were quite irritated at that time because there were so many people in the resort, and to add our disappointment, a videoke machine with a terrible singer is there : || We decided to find a more quiet place in the resort, and good thing we had.

We took our breakfast first, then we headed to Taytay falls, also located within the vicinity. We’ve been to Taytay falls 8 years ago and that time, we just did a picture taking. This time, we took a refreshing bath in the falls and the water is sooooo cold that people there put their softdrinks in the water as a ‘ natural ice box’ :)) how resourceful. xD.


After our swimming, we hiked back to the mainland and along the way, we did a lot of picture taking. ( special thanks to the tripod/monopod/all around camera : P ).

We went back to dalitiwan and we had our lunch first before we took a fun swim in the cold spring. Taking a shower is so much better in cold springs ! :)) a big yaaaaaay !



Although i got a lot of insect bites and we got in a mess on the way back home because of our battery issues in our phone, this trip is truly unforgettable and finally we returned again in these three places in Laguna that brought so much good memories. Hope we will come back here again and please on weekdays, so that we will avoid a lot of people 😛

So, that’s the end of my summer vacation, and hello June. Please be good ! :))


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