The movie that made me cry a million times : Miracle in Cell no. 7

I’ve heard this movie way back last year, because Park Shin hye was there, but i didn’t bother to watch it until 2 weeks ago, when my cousin told us that this movie – although it is said to be a comedy film – will brought us to tears. And yes it did. T. T



The story is about a mentally challenged man who is imprisoned for murder which he didn’t do, and then became friends with the criminals in cell no 7, which is known as the harshest cell. The man has a daughter named Yesung, who the criminals secretly let inside their cell in order to see her father again.

Honestly, by the start, i nearly cried on the scene when the man is sent to prison. I became attached to their father- daughter relationship, and reallly, i have a soft spot for mentally challenged people. This movie has a lot of fun part too, from the moment the man entered cell no. 7, how he became friends with the criminals ( although the criminals at first are so like ‘ what is this weirdo doing out here ‘ ) , and how the criminals helped him to see his daughter again. ( the hot – air ballon scene  FTW. )

Although i can predict what will happen in the end, this is so far the best movie that make my heart ache in a different level. I’m pro death penalty, but this movie made me think twice. I had to grab tons of tissue and handkerchief for this movie, and just look at our teary faces by that time. PRICELESS. hahaha. I almost hugged my cousin because of my feeels for the movie ! :(((( .This film has also the saddest ending, although some things are resolved in the end. ( But still….. T.T </3 )

I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars and you must definitely watch it ! This movie really taught me a lot about life and how powerful a parent’s love for his child.


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