4 countries i want to go to before i die.

Here goes my country bucket list :)) Since I’m a wanderer at heart, i can’t help but dream to travel to these places, although I also want to travel around the world :))

1. South Korea.


My dream place since High school, this country would be forever in my heart. Not only because I’m a k-drama addict and a kpop lover, but I’m charmed by their culture and the country itself. I’m quite jealous of my friend who came to this country last year ( she’s also a k-drama and kpop addict like me ) and looking at the pictures…. I just need to get there. Picturesque landscapes. Colorful culture that I admire because they preserved it up until today, Kpop merch ! and lastly, a chance that you might meet a kpop star :))

up sp-l06-d_3.img_assist_custom-400x267

Love locks <3. I wanna go here with my soulmate 🙂 

I also admire how nationalistic Koreans are. My friend told me when she got there all of the things she saw – Samsung, LG, everything Korean, are used. They give importance to their creations, and i think that’s the reason why Samsung and LG are one of the top companies nowadays. I feel guilty for it since most of the things i use are made abroad- and there are times that i make fun of our local gadgets, thinking that they are low quality and cheap. The sad thing is, majority here in my country thinks the same way 😦

When i got to work, i would really save money and I WILL GO HERE. Not only me, but i want to be with my family, or maybe with my friends 🙂 Fighting ! < 3

2. Hongkong.


After seeing a friend’s picture of his in this country, this place is also a must go for me :)) I wanna go visit their tourist spots, most especially, disneyland ! And to think that this is the nearest disneyland here in my country ( when will Philippines have its own disneyland ? ) , and I’m a fan of amusement rides, so this would be my second dream place 🙂


Disneyland, I will definitely see you in person. Just wait :)) 

3. France


As you can see, i wanna go here because of THIS ^. Haha. Known as the place of the famous Eiffel tower, I can’t help but feel really romantic whenever i see this. My tita and my tito just went here weeks ago and how I envy them ! Well, It’s not only the city of love that I’m talking about here – but also the other awesome structures built there 🙂 A must – go place for me indeed !

4. Egypt


Because I’m fascinated by these structures since I was a kid, this country is definitely one of my tops :)) I really want to see the great pyramid of Giza in person, and i wanna go inside a pyramid ! REALLY REALLY. asdfghjkl O_O.

So, that’s it and I hope that someday, I would go here to these places. Make my wish come true ! :))


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