Dear You.

Yes, the one who’s reading is. I just want to tell you that even if I don’t know who you are, you are amazing. There may be times that you feel unloved, not worthy, ugly, a failure, and all other stuffs that brings you down, but you know what ? Those are only labels, and they would only come true if you let it drive your life.

Remember that it’s only a bad day, not a bad life. Sometimes, including me thinks of it that way, and then you will realize that it’s over and you will just say ” wow ! i endured all of that ! ” and you’ll be proud. 🙂

There’s more to than what are you feeling right now. Many things would happen, and you will never saw it coming. Life is full of surprises, change is part of our lives, so you must prepare. That’s part of the thrill. Just live your life to the fullest, and you will be happy.

Don’t let the bitterness of your past and the whole world take away your sweetness. Change for the better, not for the worse. Count your blessings, not what’s lacking. Because some things you have right now, is what others are praying for.

You may not be loved by many, or somebody will hurt you, but there’s one thing I’m sure – your family , friends, and loved ones – they will never leave you. You might mean less to the world, but to somebody, you might be their world.

Just please, no matter what happens, don’t give up ! okay ? Cause I believe that we are a whole family, and we all got each other. Before you think of anything else, think first all the happy things you experienced. Are you willing to give them all up just because you are left by your boyfriend/girlfriend ? or if you failed your exam ? because you are friend zoned ? I’ve been in that situation, when everything seems to crumble down. But I counted my blessings. And i received more 🙂

If you are looking for a sign, this is it. A warrior never quits, and even if he has a lot of fears, he can conquer it. You’re a warrior. Stay strong, my friend 🙂 keep the faith.


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