Hopefully last.

I week more to go before i finally say goodbye to my last summer vacation 😦 Honestly, I’m a bit nervous for OJT maybe because of what happened last Tuesday, when we had our first experience in applying for OJT. We were shocked that we took an exam, not to mention that our minds are not yet geared in school mode and we didn’t review about it – and the company is not yet sure if they will accept us, since our OJT is not yet a sureball. ( well i hope i do ).

and THESIS <//3. To be honest, I’m still thinking twice for the OJT, since I’ve heard many horror stories about doing thesis while having OJT. And i need a lot of people for my quanti experiment. Please Lord guide me T.T

If i passed my thesis and graduate on October, i would really cry and I would probably be the luckiest girl in the world ! First sem please make my dreams come true ! fighting ! :))


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