Taking risks.

One of the hardest things to do, and you need lots of courage to do this. My friend almost backed out on our OJT, and honestly, at the back of my mind a voice was saying ” you too ! just backed out ! its difficult and very risky.” Yes. It was risky, because once upon a time, i failed two subjects because of my laziness. Not to mention that one of those subjects was a major, which was 6 units. Another reason is because, one classmate of ours did also the same thing ( doing the OJT and the thesis in one Semester ) and he failed. But then, he failed because he didn’t focus on his thesis- only on his OJT. And he is not us, so what happened to him, might not happen to us.

And then , I found out there are a lot of reasons to push our OJT. What is just 3 to 4 months of suffering ? When its price is graduation, which means the end of school days, the end of memorizing shit , the end of endless projects. Guess what, that serves my motivation right now. That’s what also my parents told me. And that’s what made my friend finally decided to do her OJT.

It will be difficult, and we know it, but anything can be possible if you believe in yourself. I think confidence in ourselves is the starting point on our pathway to achievement. And I believe that we can make it happen.

Being fearless isn’t being 100 % not fearful, its being terrified but you jump anyway.

– Taylor Swift



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