Hot Seat 2.

So here’s the last 4 questions from my unforgettable ‘ hot seat experience. LOL. So far, i think these last 4 questions is harder to answer than the previous questions, because so much memories have been brought up. ( i hate that they know almost half of my life. hahahaha )

Person 1 : Once in your life, did you ever felt left out in a crowd of friends ?

Me: * silent for awhile*. Yes.

Audience : * shocked * is that us you are referring about ?? ( the crowd of friends )

Me: What ? no ? hahahaha. I won’t tell this particular group, but yes, during those times, that’s the first time that i felt left out, although they are joining me in their conversation, but you know, you can’t relate to them. And I can’t just blend with them. So after some time, i left them. Although we had also happy memories together, I miss them actually, I’m glad that I didn’t stay long with them because, apparently, they joined other cliques, and i think its just sort of an ‘ acquintance party’. You know what i mean ?

Person 1 : Oh yes i understand that. I feel you. T.T

Person 2 : Okay another question !!! :)))

Audience : YAAAAAY !

Me : I hate you alllll !

Audience : HAHAHAHHAHA. ( sort of an evil laugh ) 😛

Person 2 : Did you ever felt jealous…….OF YOUR SISTER ?

Me : * shocked at that moment *

Audience : Don’t worry she’s not heeeere !

Me : ‘ hesitant to answer’.

Me:  ……. Uhm… sometimes yes. You know, because of the grades thingy. But no, I never ever had an intense jealousy towards her. As of now, she serves as an inspiration to me :)))

Audience : Naks ! ang bait na kapatid ! baka binayaran ka lang nun ah ! hahahaha.

Person 3 : If that’s the case, well, have you ever felt an intense jealousy towards someone ?

Me : …………..

Me : Uhm…. not intense….but almost. hahahaha.

Audience:  OMG !!!

Me : well… i won’t mention her name here, but here’s a clue : she’s not my friend. hahahaha.

Audience : KJ ! SAY HER NAAAAME !!!

Me : NOOOOOOOO. hahahaha

Me : Anyways, I’m jealous of this girl because……..ugh. Blame it to my insecurities and immaturity. Well…. because… she’s pretty and …… well she’s popular. There are times that when I’m in FB, i avoid her picture. SRSLY. hahahahaha. Sounds weird and funny, but yes, i kinda felt that way. And i hate that in every conversation, she got the attention and all, and…. I’m jealous how she can manage to talk to people easily and become friends with them ! And she’s really annoying sometimes. You know me, i hate people who are noisy and attention seekers. Papansin, in short. And she’s like that.

But now….. things took a turn when she shared me what’s really happening to her- to her family and friends. That she’s not perfect as i used to think – and she has many , many flaws. I was shocked when she shared it that to me- she cried- and i really felt guilty. Indeed, behind every smile lies a sadness deep inside. At na realize ko na may kanya kanyang swerte ang tao.

Audience : * silence*

Person 3 : That was just….. wow a whole new revelation ! hahaha.

Person 4 : i wanna ask a question ! one last question !

Person 4 : for the last question….. have you ever felt jealous of someone…..HERE ??


Me : OMG !!!

Me : hahaha. Actually…. yes. hahaha. Don’t worry guys, that was so long time ago when we are still kids – the tamaang tao days ! hahahha.

Audience: WHO IS IT ???

Me : Its….. you girl ! * pointed at ‘ V*. haha. well i just got jealous of you because you were the president at that time ! and **** has a crush on you. You know I have a crush on him.


So, i would end here, and wow this is one amazing night ! Other revelation of those people present at that time and my own revelations really turned that session into an entertainment ! And I’m proud that I’ve answered all honestly, and kinda feel like a showbiz celebrity !


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