Some things are better off that way.

Looking back on some heartbreaks that I’ve experienced, I see some sort of a good explanation why it happened to me. Like for now, i found out that my ‘crush’ likes someone else, and I was surprised that it only hurt a little bit, and I didn’t get so emotional with it. The reason maybe because, from the start I sensed that we’re better off as friends, and we won’t work in a serious relationship- more like only in a  ‘flirtationship’. And i see it as a closure, that I must not expect anymore. And I won’t see him much like it used to be, so yeah. 🙂

And why i failed 2 subjects in my college. Maybe because God wants me to improve myself, to see how strong I am. Those times I wasn’t serious about my studies or anything- i went to school, not to learn but for the sake of just going there – being present and all. And I also think that my irreg life brought me to many new and good things- gaining new friends, lessons, etc. And it really made my college life happy.

Right now, I’m just living my life and embrace what’s coming after me – because what would happen if i just stay in the corner and cry because of my regrets ? Nothing. What’s done is done, and yes, some things are better off that way.


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