What now ?

The perks of a GradWAITING student. Yeah, you read it right. Waiting, because i will receive my diploma by early December(I’m Octoberian). It was kinda weird since by the start of first sem, I was excited to finish it all, juggling both thesis and OJT, avoiding all distractions as soon as possible just to finish all the requirements. But now that It’s all finished……. What now ? Thinking of work excites me during the past 3 college years, but now its scares me. I don’t know, But there are times that I feel that I won’t find a stable Job, since nowadays It’s a big competition out there. And after my OJT, I realized that corporate world is so much different compared to school life.

Well, I’m just thinking that corporate world means no memorizing, thesis, projects, seatworks and assignments, so why not ? And the important thing is, I’ll earn money through MY OWN. Being independent can be really scary, but I think that it would open the doors for me to a whole new world- and it excites me. Good luck for me and those finding a job out there ! We will get there 🙂

ps: planning on working in Singapore or Korea ? haha. Fightiiiing ! 🙂


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