Forever 9.


I know that its too late to post about this, and for the past days when the news broke out ( the time also when my thesis is in the line), I can’t accept the fact that i would experience this, one of the most major heartbreaks of a fangirl, that a member of your beloved group, would leave 😦

Speculations, theories, and other sides of the story made me really depressed those times. Not to mention that I was stressed on my thesis and OJT. I have many biases, from Kpop, 1D, and others, but i think that SNSD will always stay with me. What makes this girl group different from anything else- in my other idols, is their personality and their sisterhood, which, i though would last forever. Oh yes, forever doesn’t exist in this world, that’s why it happened. It was kind of a weird feeling that my heart broke because of a popular girl group that doesn’t know my existence- but yes, it did happen. I keep on saying to my sister, which is also a SONE and like me, is depressed on the situation, that everything would be OK, and as a fan we should be happy for them and to Jessica. But, as time goes by and whenever i see SNSD on shows without Sica, it really hurts </3.

I’m not the kind of fangirl that would express my love for them publicly, like always, and bought every album or any merch, but I LOVE THEM. I watched their shows, listen to their songs, and when they achieved something, it felt like I achieved something too. The time when they won the YTMA and many haters have spread, That’s the first time i felt the urge to fight for them – not the bashing type of thing, but to say to the world that I support them no matter what, and always will.

I also realized that my love for this group is long lasting, unlike in 1D and SUJU, where i only loved their songs and their appearance. This group not only became my favorite, but also my inspiration, and a role model. And I truly believed that despite all of those happenings, I would be FOREVER SONE. Only time can tell if i would leave this fandom, but for now, I’m proud to say that I’m a SONE.

images130896_snsd2 They would be 9 in my heart, forever 🙂 


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