Ugly duckling story.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who doesn’t care about her appearance. She often gets annoyed whenever her mom took her for shopping. She doesn’t likes dress, or any kind of fashion- even jewelries. Her hair is always a mess, because she doesn’t comb much. She was always like that, to the disappointment of her parents. Her friends and classmates thinks the same way too, that’s why she get teased a lot. She became used to it, until things took a turn. Because of her ‘ doesn’t give a fuck’ attitude, she lost friends. She became the main object of the classroom’s pranks. She was even mistaken for a special child and a tomboy. That’s when she decided to change. But it didn’t happen instantly.

She suffered more from insecurities, and she asked herself if she would ever be called beautiful someday. Her family and relatives is an exception. She wants to be admired- and most of all to be loved. For the first time in her life, she experienced rejection from her first crush. He even compared her to someone else, and told her that ‘ someone else’ is more beautiful than her. And that’s it. For the first time, she cried because of herself- for not being pretty, for not being good enough. She tried to shrugged it off, but every time her girl friends and relatives being called beautiful- and got boyfriends, it always comes back.

And then, like a lightning- everything begin to change. Time really flied so fast, and now the ‘ ugly duckling’ had turned into a beautiful swan. Many people begin to appreciate her, admire her beauty, and even jealous of her. She begin to love fashion, and other girly stuffs. She thought that those things made her what she is today, but then she realized that it’s her confidence in herself that made her beautiful. She thought before that elegance and popularity is what makes someone beautiful, but no. Its about loving yourself. And that’s everything.


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