Tuesday surprise.

This morning, I was sleeping peacefully and when i woke up, I suddenly thought about my interview at SM. I brushed it off, thinking that I wouldn’t be accepted, until an unknown number began calling on my phone. Startled, I took the phone and still groggy from my sleep, I asked who the person was, and after a series of conversations, she told me that I’m qualified for the position of HR assistant. And I was like:



No kidding. Those two memes were LITERALLY my expressions when i heard that O_O. I mean, who can’t be surprised like that ? I just had my interview last FRIDAY, and here it goes. WELCOME TO THE ADULT AND CORPORATE WORLD CRIZELDA. BRACE YOURSELF. O_O I didn’t even receive my diploma and TOR yet ! and I’m the first person in my Octoberian batch that will have a job. WHOA.

I feel proud of myself that I achieved this- I mean, out of the many applicants, some already have experience + 2 failing grades, I was qualified. After the call, honestly I have doubts – if i could make it to the corporate world, if I would find new friends, if I would adjust easily- but then how would I know if I won’t try ? Besides, this is now the breaking point for me – My ‘ debut’ so grab the opportunity ! I really hope I could make it and have a good experience on my first Job. Fighting Crizelda ! keep the faith. 🙂

#GodisGood #alliswell #PUSO


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