This is it.

Yesterday, I had my job offer and I signed the contract, which means that I’m finally In. There’s no going back. I now officially entered the corporate world. Which kind of scary. And exciting.

Long time ago, I’m wishing for Neverland to come true. To be in a place where youthfulness last forever, and yes, I wanna be forever young. I mean, we all know how complicated adult life is, with all those responsibilities and stuffs. I think by now, I’m in the boundary line of accepting it and refusing it. Maybe I was just really overwhelmed by these surprises and how time flied so fast. Awhile ago, I was looking into some old school stuffs and It was just like yesterday- Being nervous for college, joining a dance competition for the first time and even won 2nd place, failing statistics, my on and off feelings for my crush, sleepless nights because of quizzes and projects, crazy time with my friends, etc. I was tearing up when I saw those school stuffs, my I.D, pencil case, notebooks, even my portfolio when I was in high school, and some letters. My student life has finally come to an end ( minus the diploma- I’ll receive it by next week) and it would never be the same again.

Honestly, I’m crying while I’m typing this, Nostalgia is overwhelming me again. It kinda hurts that I’m not a child anymore- where people doesn’t expect a lot from you, adults can still tolerate your mistakes, and play. This is time, Its all about me. How would I decide for myself, being independent, and being strong without others. There’s one month left for me to prepare and doubts are still running in my head. But I will try my best, and looking back on all those days, I feel proud. If I had accomplished all those things in the past, how much more today ?

Don’t go crying to your mama
Cause you’re on your own in the real world

Paramore- Ain’t it fun


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