Bad Choices Make Good Stories: Cheers to College Years.

After almost a month, at last I’m back here ! Many changes have happened in my life, but right now i wanna start with something happy and memorable. Last December, I finally received my diploma and words are not enough to express how i felt. 20141217_185205

Memories flashed before my eyes- how i went through harsh and beautiful experiences, and how i learned and grow up. I remembered when i started my very first sem, my mom accompanied me to the gym and I was so nervous at that time that i even told my mom not to leave me. I’m such a baby 😛 And I remembered also that I was sad and missing my high school friends, and not giving a damn about what’s going on around me. I didn’t know back then that College would be awesome, although High School is way more awesome. And the best part ? I grew into a better and stronger person.

I experienced many things i never thought i would, like joining a dance competition and won 1st place, joining a cheerdance competition, acting infront of many people and so much more. College has really pushed me out of my comfort zone and although its difficult, i went through it and discovered something new about myself. And that’s really cool 🙂

But then, not all of my College memories are happy. I failed two subjects, lost some friends and feeling of not fitting in. Honestly, I experienced culture shock when i came into my school- people are very different compared to my High School. It was very liberated, and people there are not approachable compared to SSI, that’s why I only have few friends. At first, I was disappointed because I thought I would a find a group of friends like Melmanrene (my highschool clique), but then i realized that Melmanrene can never be replaced, and sometimes, few friends are enough than having a lot of friends who are not true to you. I met a lot of people – weird, goofy, friendly,nerd, immature guys and bitches that made me learned a lot about life, family, friendship and love. For those who are consistent on reading my previous posts, I’m sure you know about my only crush in college. Haha. 🙂 Unfortunately, we had a sad closure and he made me realize that I would never lose myself just to make a guy fall in love with me. Love comes in the right place and at the right time.

I made a lot of bad decisions, but those decisions made me who I am today. And that experience is still the best teacher. I stumbled and fall, I stood up and moved on. My outlook in life when i was 15 yrs old changed a lot after I graduated from college. I became more mature and more of a realist. I’m still a hopeless romantic, but balanced now. And I’m proud of it.

Lastly, blessings in disguise does exist. When I failed my two subjects, i thought its the end of the world and I would be forever failure – but it lead to some surprises. I gained new friends, discovered some new potential in myself, and I improved a lot. That’s the circle of life. We lose something, and then we gain something 🙂

One thing I learned in college is that, mistakes are proof that you are trying – and living. And that bad choices make good stories. And this post is an example. 🙂



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