Life lessons 101.

I’m planning to share some bits of what I had learned in my past experiences, from joy to heartbreaks. Let’s begin, shall we ?

Don’t expect too much.

I know this phrase is one of the most popular today and in fact one of my own ‘ golden rules’. Optimism is good, but we also need to balance it with reality. I’ve been disappointed many times and I know what i feels like – you thought everything would be okay, you hope that the person you like would also like you back , etc. Remember that life is full of changes, so just go with the flow and stay happy:)

Few friends are enough.

It’s not that I’m against with people who have a lot of friends – Its just that when you have few friends, you can easily distinguish who is true to you. When I was in my first year of College, I have a lot of friends – but then because we’re getting larger, some had formed a sub unit and others left. The trust and bonding is fading away – and before i realize it, I was left with only 2 or 4 friends in school. I was sad at first, but then I realized that even if I have few friends, we are still friends up until today,through ups and downs. It’s the friendship and loyalty that counts, not on how many your friends.

Don’t give a fuck on what the society dictates you to do.

I’m usually a go -with – the – flow kind of person, but there are some times that i gotta trust and follow my heart , not based on others. As what the saying goes ‘ if you lived your life pleasing others, you will die from their rejection ‘. I’ve been rejected many times before, but I don’t take it as a set back , because those are the times that I listened to myself more – and trust myself more. If you want to wear something although it may seem ridiculous to others, wear it ! If you want to do something even if others tells you can’t – don’t mind them. Just be yourself, be kind and do your thing 🙂

Embrace change. 

The only constant in this world, we must accept- and love change. Change can be scary, Change can be difficult, but change can lead us to something good – and can be exciting too. One thing I learned in my life is that , Change is the reason why we are growing into a better person – and the one thing that molded us to be ourselves today.

Be happy.

Last but not the least , don’t forget to be happy ! Whatever happens in your day, in your week or in your whole life, remember that each time you wake up, is already a miracle : ) So i think that’s already enough for us to smile and be thankful 🙂 Life is too short to be bitter. And always remember to pray 🙂

So, i hope you learned a thing or a two and have a great day ! Smile 🙂



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