I know myself that I’m an adult now and must be thinking of what i really want in the future. A day before, my parents and my tito are insisting me on accepting jobs outside HR. They even considered Sales. And I know myself that there’s no way I can do it.

I’ve graduated already and had already experience in the work place, but I still feel lost. There’s a part of me to just sit back and relax and part of me that wants to explore other careers. Its like I’m in the sand staring into the ocean…..I’m prepared with my swimming things, I know how to swim, but I don’t know how to start. And for me…. It’s not that I’m traumatized or whatever, but I feel that industrial work is not really for me. It’s not really me…..to deal with a lot of people, doing paper works and stuffs. You see, I’m into art and music. I love singing, composing songs, listening to music and scribbling poems. I love to create, design things and write stories. I don’t know how to use what I really want in the future.

But then, my mother said that what i want today, could be different in the future. Many things can change, and I hope that whatever happens to me, I would be in the right way.


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