5 years of sharing. 5 years of blogging.

I’m 2 months late but better late than never πŸ™‚ I can’t believe It’s been five years, and this blog is a witness to my endless drama and memories :))


I’m supposed to celebrate this last December, but because of so many happenings lately, i forgot 😦 I remembered the first time I made a blog, its on Friendster, and that time I don’t give a shit about my grammar or anything. And then a high school friend of mine introduced me to WordPress and then I thought ‘ why don’t give it a try ? ‘. And that was the start of my blogging career, and I regret nothing πŸ™‚


My first ever blog theme πŸ™‚Β 

At first, I was hesitant to start blogging since I’m not used to strangers reading my life story and besides, I have my own diary. But then these unknown watchers gave me a sense of trust- I don’t know how to explain it, but the feeling of being accepted, without seeing what you look like and knowing you just by text posts. Its a great feeling, really πŸ™‚

One thing I love in blogging is that you have your own personal world- minus the judgement of others. My family doesn’t even know I have this personal blog, only 2 or 3 friends, are aware of this πŸ˜› LOL ( they don’t have WordPress accounts, by the way). Blogging is all about sharing your opinions, your life stories and can be also an escape from your everyday life. And that’s my blog is all about.

So to all my wonderful followers and visitors,I hope you would still join me in my life journey and here’s to more years of blogging !


2 thoughts on “5 years of sharing. 5 years of blogging.

  1. 5 years! that is some serious dedication! I just started blogging and I feel like it has taken up so much time in three weeks. I did not realize how difficult it was to make a blog pretty lol I find it fascinating and cool that you are not public about your blog. It really speaks that you are truly here to be completely candid and get to know other bloggers. I like that.

    1. Thanks for the compliment ! :)) Blogging became a passion for me – you know, I’m not here to become popular or what, but to share my opinions and my memories πŸ™‚ anyways thanks for the comment ! πŸ˜€

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