The ups and downs of being a fangirl.

Fangirl – A girl or woman who is an extremely or overly enthusiastic fan of someone or something.

For those who don’t yet, yes I’m a true blue fangirl. I’ve had many idols for years but I didn’t imagine to be a fangirl. I love kpop, and specifically, I’m a proud SONE. I became a SONE last 2010, the time I’m starting to get addicted to Korean dramas. A college friend introduced me to SNSD, and I never thought that I would get hooked- and absolutely love these nine dorks 😛 see my post ‘ forever 9‘ 


And now… I just got this news that they are performing here in the Philippines with SUJU, which is also a kpop group that i like. They had been here back in 2012, and i regret that I didn’t attend the concert because that’s the last time they performed as nine 😦 And now, this year, I’m really disappointed that I won’t attend to this unforgettable and maybe their last concert here in the Phil. And my reasons ?

  • As usual, my money is not enough for the VIP
  • Philippine Arena T__T why 3 hours away ??
  • 950 for general admission is not worth it .
  • Against my parents wishes.

I’m taking my practical reasons here. I mean, If I’m rich then I would freaking buy the VIP ticket now and not worry about anything. But sadly, I’m not a rich person. My parents are working hard for money – my 2 siblings are still studying (my sister is taking up med tech), and I just recently resigned. My sister also want come, but I’m thinking of our safety too. It’s not I’m a scaredy cat or whatever, but the arena is 3 hours away from us. And the concert will start at 7 in the evening, and a concert lasts up to 4 or 5 hours. With the crime rate going up here in our country, I think attending to this concert is going under the knife. If its in MOA arena, which is just 35 mins away, then no problem.

I guess my point here is that, being a fangirl is also being responsible and sensible. Yes, this can be a once-in-a-lifetime concert, but there are so many things that i need to attend do, like for example, looking for a job. And my few savings can be used for more important things – like what if I got sick ? or what if my family really needs money ?

UGH this is really hard because I really want to go to that concert. Ottoke ??? :(((


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