Just this afternoon, out of curiosity i read this particular blog post and even without knowing the real story and the person being talked about, it made me cry.


read the full story at

After reading it, I realized how harsh this world can be. Time flies so fast, so fast that eventually, the true meaning of love is fading – which is waiting and accepting.

I felt sorry of her. I felt sorry for everyone who had once loved a person, but that person didn’t wait for the right time. That the person didn’t accept of what he/she is. I mean, if you truly love a person – you will endure everything. And it just doesn’t end in courtship, because love is commitment and as what the bible says, love never fails.

What really made me cry is that even if she has kids, stardom, a brother who is the president of my country and wealth – she didn’t find the right one , and the person whom she thought was the right one, gave up on her because he is TIRED and HE CAN’T ACCEPT her life. You know what’s unfair in this world ? Its when you need to lose yourself just to be with someone. It’s wrong, but guess what, its the trend nowadays and it seems to be normal for everyone. That’s why more and more divorce, adultery and broken families are increasing today. And nothing changes.

That post made me question everything, even God. Would I find the right one someday ? To think that there are so many asshole guys in this world who only cared about sex and themselves. I’m not saying that all guys are like that, but MOSTLY. And the concept of  ‘true love waits’ is rare to find nowadays. I’m a hopeless romantic before, but now…. with all the news and stories about broken relationships everywhere, I don’t know if I would still believe in love.

Maybe the real deal is this : How can you survive and still have faith in God and in everything even if the world is unfair and against you ? Would you turn your back on God and be bitter for the rest of your life ? Or still believe and just keep on going ? This is a difficult question to deal with, but difficult it may seems, I will choose the latter. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I will hold on to the hope that one day, I would meet someone who will accept me – my mood swings, my weirdness, every flaws that I have. I’m not wishing for a perfect person, but someone who is willing to wait and would not let me lose myself. Because I don’t like to call him as my ‘ other half’ – I’m not a half, I’m a whole person, with or without somebody. And I would love him if he would accept that.

To everyone out there finding their true love, always remember that before you love somebody, love yourself first. Don’t sacrifice your self worth just to find love. Wait for the right time.

I still believe in love. I will.


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