Dancing in the real life.


Life is a stage, they say. And now I’m back in the spotlight. And this time, it’s another risk – a world of unknown. This is unplanned and entirely out of my mind, even in my prayers. I’m not yet ready to return to the corporate world after my first nightmare job, but here it goes. Months before I realized that working in industrial is not what I want. After my performance at my previous job, I don’t know if i should take the risk – most especially this time, It’s not in the HR but in the Admin department – which I don’t have knowledge of. And I’m scared. I have full of doubts. I told my mom what i really want in my life – to pursue something that is related to arts, particularly web designing(my blog here is a dead giveaway). My mom understood me and i think my father will too, understand( I din’t tell him about it yet) since I’m now an adult, I’m the one who would be in charge of my life. And this part is what also scares me. Being Alone. Being firm with my decisions. Being mature. Growing up really sucks. : ||

I thought that maybe, as what my mother told me, I should have a stable job, save money to continue studying on web designing. Sounds simple right ? But i doesn’t. I still have to work in my job – a job that I don’t want, a job that i think, won’t never teach me something that i would remember from the rest of my life, the list goes on and on. You would think that I’m immature or crazy, but yes, I’m pretty close minded right now. But then I’ll give it a chance. I just have to think that I need to save a lot of money to pursue my dream. And I’ll promise to myself that I would do what I want – what i really love.

The stage is set, the lights are on, and now I would dance in reality. May the Lord above guide me.


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