22 years of roller coaster existence

Another blessing- and part annoying moment happened last May 15,2015. Blessing- because I’m still alive up until now, and annoying because I turned a year older. LOL.

261444665_cbeb83552bb1 copy

It was a simple yet meaningful celebration – i spend it with my family :). Although I just got disappointed because my cousins didn’t come as they promised and our EK plans didn’t push through :(. They make it up for me though – they greeted me and say sorry. And that’s enough πŸ™‚

My family also surprised me with a gift (a cute pink hipster shirt), 2 sweet cards ( one from my parents and the other from my siblings ) and a cute cake ! How I wish my birthday is every day !

Last but not the least, greetings from my loved ones, friends,ex- classmates and teachers, some I do not know and people I haven’t seen for years, made my day :)) Although majority came from social media, I feel more touched from texts and call greetings πŸ˜€ Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate all kinds of greetings but personal greetings are really something.

Although I faced many trials, sufferings, rejection, insecurities and disappointments- the count of my happy memories are still more than those negative moments. And of course, all of this blessings won’t be possible without God, my family and those people who truly love me.

So, here’s to more birthdays and I’m ready to buckle up again for my own roller coaster ride. :))


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