New world.


I’m now in my third week of my corporate life and I’m starting to adjust to this strange, fast paced world.I can’t help but compare work life to my school life as i type this. Maybe because I don’t yet accept wholeheartedly that I’m now here making my own path, deciding for the future and doing what I don’t really wanna do. Let me start with my dilemma:

  • I don’t like my job. The personality requirements of my job is not me, and I don’t know how in the world my interviewers believed my lies. My job is for extroverts and I’m a true blue introvert. My job requires a lot of experience in business, multitasking and handling pressure, which I hate the most. I don’t know what’s happening or where this job would take me.
  • I don’t seem to fit in with my officemates. They are sooooooo far from my personality, and really, I’m trying hard to be friendly but deep inside I just wanna be alone.UGH this is the real problem.(WHY I SUCK AT SOCIALIZING : a novel by me.)
  • The travel from my home to work. It’s tiring because of traffic and It’s far from my home.


Those are my problems, my fears during my first two weeks. But now I decided to give it a try. To be challenged. To be something new. To explore other opportunities. To get out of my comfort zone. To learn, and most especially, to discover a whole new world. I’m scared yes,since starting on Monday, I would be left alone by my trainor and I got to trust every move that I will make. I thought that after graduation would be the end, but it’s actually a starting point. This is now the real battle. And now, finally after many denials, I’m now starting to accept the fact that I’m no longer an ordinary student, but a woman who’s making a status for herself. I know God would be always there for me and so my family, but now I’m on my own.

Get ready, new world for I’m gonna kick ass yo ! I won’t stop- nothing can stop me.



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