College friendship life.

This weeks, I’ve been texting with my college best friend and apparently we are on the same page – we are not quite fitted in our new world. We’ve been overwhelmed with tons of paperworks- but our nonsense conversations and reminiscing our college life really took my stress away, and a flashback played on my mind- how we started our friendship and my friendship life when I was in college.

Before I became friends with her, let’s just say that I belonged to a clique who made me realize that having few friends are enough rather than surrounded by many ‘friends” which are not true to you. I talked with them, i laughed with them, but the sense of belonging- it’s empty. I realized that It’s more lonelier when you’re in a crowd of people but you felt alone, it feels shit, really. I decided to left them and be with someone or a group that i would belonged to, where I can show my crazy side, which is the real me. And then I met her in a bittersweet way, together with new people that I finally got the chance to break free.

At first, I was really disappointed since I want to find a group that is similar to my high school clique(stronger than ever), the Melmanrene. But then Melmanrene can never be replaced, and that’s how life goes, you can’t be with the same people forever. But the people I’ve met when I was in college- some of them are forgettable, but the lessons they taught me – they are not just unforgettable, but they changed me and my outlook in life.It’s also really funny and amazing that me and my college bestie are really destined to be together- we both failed two subjects that’s why we have the same schedule everyday. Another funny part is that I never expected to be best friends with her, since we met in a bitter way- her old friends are spreading rumors about her and foolish me, I believed them.

I hope that she and the rest of my college friends would meet me soon, since these days I feel very homesick 😦 I missed my social life right now, blame it to my busy schedule in work. : (

There are times that I would cry whenever i remember those moments, but then I thought, why would I cry? I must be happy because it happened to me, even if it won’t last forever- the fact that I experienced it, it’s a great blessing. Those reasons made me believe that even if my life right now is dull and colorless, I still give color to the lives of those who love me- my friends and family 😀


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