Happy Thoughts Project.

So, I decided to do this project of mine as a therapy for me and maybe a break from all the negative happenings in this world 🙂 Every happy thought that I would post is related to my past life events – how it changed me and how it made me happy. So here’s my very first happy thought for all of you 😀


When I was a student, i thought that all my hardships – thesis, projects, heartbreaks, failing grades and other stuffs, won’t teach or worth something to me. When I failed two subjects, I felt like giving up- I was beginning to have more negative thoughts, that I was a piece of shit, a fool, irresponsible, loser etc that I lost my passion for everything. Until one day, I realized that life must go on and as what my parents said, it could be a blessing in disguise- and it was 🙂 I became a stronger person, gain new friends, and I realized that I’m really good at math, it was just that I’m very lazy to focus on it.

I remembered when I was in my first year of college, we had an interview from one of our guidance counselors (it was a group interview) and then this one classmate of mine asked our counselor, why we have to study math, do projects that don’t seem to fit in our course and other ‘nonsense things’ in school ? I agreed with him, because we don’t use algebra in everyday life right ? The counselor replied, and I won’t forget her message to us.

” the school gives you those kind of projects and lessons because we want you be resilient, to be exposed to hardships, because after you graduate and enter the real world, it would be more difficult out there. So be thankful that we give you those kind of ‘nonsense’ things. Everything that you do right now, would be worth it in the end. ”

By that message, I realized that school isn’t just a learning place or something, but a training ground for us. Shoutout to those who are still studying right now, just enjoy your school life, okay ? :))

As I look back on those days, I realized that if I gave up in the past, maybe I’m still studying and still dependent to my parents. There can be times that we feel like we wanna quit and we feel like the difficulties we are facing today won’t lead us nowhere, but I’m telling you this, It would be all worth it. Maybe not now, but it will happen. Right now, I really don’t know where my first job would take me but I decided to just pray to God and trust my own instincts.

Don’t give up my friend. Make mistakes, cry and maybe get depressed a little, but never ever quit. It’s all worth it.


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