How do you heal a broken heart ?

If you are asked by this question, what would be your answer? Many people have shared their heartbroken experiences to me and this is what I always answer before: ” Just forget him/her or the past.” I thought forgetting was the answer, but I was wrong. Before I arrived at the right answer, I’ve been heartbroken many times, and below are my most unforgettable heartbreaking experiences that helped me became what I am today.

  • I lost a best friend.

She wasn’t just a best friend, but a sister to me. The most painful part of this experience is that it was my fault. I was too sensitive and immature back then- I always wanted her for myself, and I always get jealous whenever she’s close to another friend of ours- which I had an issue before. And just like in a snap, she was gone and it gotten worse. She and my ” friend” which I had an issue before spread in the whole classroom that I was an immature person, a freak. Since then, I became the target of the classroom pranks, and I started to eat lunch alone in the canteen, surrounded by people snickering and looking at me. I can tell you that at a tender age of 12(I was grade six back then) I already experienced ” hell on earth”. I was burned- emotionally and all the self-confidence I had at that time was losing and I don’t know if I would still find a friend.

  • I was heartbroken, not once but twice in just one school year.

If you are reading my past posts, chances are, you know what I’m talking about and I think you would still wonder If I was over him. Oh yes, I was over him and that was really a long time ago, but whenever those memories come back to me, it was bitter and sweet at the same time. To make the story short, I fell in love with my guy best friend who is in love with my best friend and I became a “bridge” between them. That was the first time I cried over a guy and I try to moved on from those feelings and I succeeded- and here goes my second heartbreak. I had a crush with a weird classmate of mine( me and my friends call him “xander”) and yes, we became good friends until he found out that I have a crush on him. We became strangers, and although some of my friends thinks that he has a crush on me too and he just doesn’t want to admit it, I never found out since after I graduated from high school, I never heard from him again.

  • Failed two subjects in college, the death of my grandmother and my irreg life.

As if my heartbreaks from high school is not enough, I failed two subjects in College- both majors. I don’t know how to pull myself back together and my parents are beginning to lose faith in me. It came to a point that they stopped caring about if i fail or not. I was also losing friends at that time because of my irreg life and to add to my misery, my dearest grandmother died and it was the first time I felt losing a loved one. There was a time that I wish I would woke up as a different person and forget who I am, because It was really, really painful.


I know you’re thinking how fail my life is or how foolish I was in the past, but let me tell you, I solved the pieces and bam ! I finally knew why those things happened to me. I lost a best friend, but little did I know that I would gain a lot of friends a year later, not just 5 or 6, but 18- and we are still best friends up until today. Those are my high school friends, the MelManRene :DD. Plot twist, eh ?

And my two heartbreaks. Sadly, my guy best friend and my best friend didn’t last long-believe me, I was disappointed at that time because I was beginning to move on. I realized that if me and my guy best friend end up together instead of my best friend, I’m sure we wouldn’t last too, because apparently, my guy best friend isn’t yet ready to be in a relationship like WTF why did you courted my best friend in the first place ? That’s a lot of shit really.

And Xander ? That was just a puppy love, and as I remember the time I cried because of him, I was just WTF why did I cry ?? And besides, I was not sure if i really “love” him, if you would call that love, since he’s a weird person (he always gets teased a lot by my classmates) and I didn’t even defended him from them. I think he’s not cut out for me.

And why did I failed those two subjects ? Because of that heartbreak, I became more responsible and now, I finally graduated last march and I’m currently working as an Admin. Asst in a well-known company. Hardwork and patience really pay off, I tell you πŸ™‚

So, let’s get back to the question. How do you heal a broken heart ? It’s acceptance.Not forgetting nor getting an option to remove, or should I say, mask the heartbreak. It’s accepting the fact that you’ve been heartbroken, that you lost in the battle. I know that It takes a long time to lower down your pride, but I’m telling you, the moment you finally accepted it, you would be at peace with yourself, and of course with everyone πŸ˜€ And just think that those heartbreaks are not really made to break you, but to test you – it could be a blessing in disguise or something. So, here’s to us who have been broken and who are still happy despite of it πŸ™‚ Cheers !


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