Day off.

Thank God for this 3 day holiday ! Last week, August really ended in a special way since it’s not only a holiday, but I spent it with my family and cousins πŸ™‚

Last Friday night, my cousin Monique has 4 free tickets to star city and it was really cool since it’s really for us – one for me, my sister and my brother and of course, for my cousin πŸ˜€ We went to Star city last Saturday and it’s been a long time since I went there, It was 7 or 8 years ago i think. The place didn’t changed much, and as expected, there was a lot of people in the entrance.

The rides there isn’t thrilling as compared to Enchanted Kingdom, but it was weird because we are having so much fun- although we are not complete because my two cousins are back home in Mindoro. But surprise surprise, my cousin, Kian is at Makati that time for a dentist check up and he decided to join us ! YAAAAAAY :DD

We rode Jungle splash, went to Gabi ng Lagim and Dungeon, which was my childhood nightmare. LOL. Of course it was not really scary at all, we just went there to cool off since it’s dark inside and the aircon there is at full blast πŸ˜€ HAHAHA. We also went to to snow world, and boy, the Ice slide there is really awesome ! I The snow area is really cool too, I really wanna to take pictures but no cameras allowed inside. Bummer : ||

We also rode their ferris wheel and at last ! I finally got the chance to experience star flyer ! It was quite annoying because of the long line- it took 2 hours to ride the star flyer, and it’s only a one-minute ride. LMAO.

We went to Tagaytay the next day and the foggy night + dessert trippin at starbucks is the highlight of the evening. But the special part is that despite our very busy schedule – my sister and Monique have midterms while me and Kian are working, we had a chance to relax and forget the stress of life for once. And we really stick to our motto, that family is still our first priority :))

Can’t wait for Christmas and I hope that we will spend the holiday complete with unexpected surprises like this one πŸ™‚


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