And I’m back again here in the blogsphere! Many things have happened in the past months, some are happy, some taught me some things, but most are memorable πŸ™‚


Here is my first Halloween party ever in my life and in my corporate life πŸ™‚ I didn’t expect that I would join again a dance competition with some singing but guess what, we are the champions !! :DDD We may look ridiculous but we lived up to our band name, ” Ang bandang mananalo ngayong gabi” ( The band who will win tonight) and during the announcement of the champion, we didn’t hear it at first because we were chatting and all and I was just shocked when our officemates brought us to stage and we’re like ” wtf is going on” and told us ” YOU’RE ALL CHAMPION ! YOU WON YOU ALL WON ASDFGHJKL” and we just run to the stage, still can’t believe we won :D.

But during the practices, we really worked hard and it was really stressful for me aside from the physical pains, my 1/2 hour travel to my home and the stress at work is killing me T__T well, it was all worth it and I forgot to mention that we won 25,000 cash prize ! It was a bittersweet victory indeed :))


This year has been full of throwback trips, and this one is super throwback – this place is where my childhood outings began :)) The last we’ve been here, i think is 7 or 8 years ago and although the place has changed a lot, it did changed for the better- many structures have been built, but the virgin forests and the beauty of the ocean is still the same years ago. I’m very thankful that we managed to have these kind of trips despite our busy schedule and some sort of our escape from reality πŸ™‚

During my stay there, I kinda felt sad- because I remembered my childhood and my aunite who just recently passed away this July 😦 she used to join us every time we have our outing there, together with our nannies we didn’t have a news about until now. Time really had flied so fast and although I can’t bring back those memories, I can create a new one- Β this time with different people. πŸ™‚

I also got to bond with 3 of my closest friends in High School, and It also kind of a farewell reunion to me – one of them would be working in Japan and I won’t see him for 3 years. I also learned something shocking and new about him and another friend which lead me to the realization that although people change, friendships do not. Thanks to social media, we can still communicate though by sending some virtual hugs πŸ™‚ LOL.

I’m really thankful that even if I’ve shed tears many times these past weeks, God still gave me more reasons to smile. More moments like this again please ?


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