That’s Life

Oh hello there! it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged and didn’t i mention that my blog is 6 years old alreaaady ! * anniversary post coming soon* and I need  catching up so here’s a post ! 🙂

Recently, me and family discussed on our previous travels, how time flied so fast, and so on. One thing I will never forget is when my dad said that there are times that he doesn’t wanna go back on those places we’ve been, because the experience will never be the same. And boom! it was the realest shit I’ve heard on that day.

That was the feeling I got, and probably my dad too, when we spent a 5-day vacation in Ilocos last summer. I remembered their ancestral house back then as a noisy, jolly neighborhood, I remembered when my drunk uncles (dad’s cousins) rolled on the floor and singing some stupid shit and did some karaoke. Of course it was silly and I was annoyed that time, but now I kinda missed it. They passed away 3 or 4 years ago and I can feel how sad my dad was when we returned there, the house almost empty, no noisy neighbors, no karaoke, no drunk uncles. In short, the place is still the same- but those happy moments will forever remain just a memory. I can’t help but tear up on these occasions, and realizing that the people included in your travel/outing years before, is changing and some may be gone already. That truly is sad.

Well, it doesn’t mean that we will stop travelling for good- i mean, let’s make the best out of our lives right? And life is completely changing, we may dislike it at first but soon we will realize that those changes lead us to something good. So, here’s to more travels and what travel is without bumpy roads and getting lost? Let’s not forget to be thrilled- and live.


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