A blogger and her 6-year old blog.

It’s better late (again) than never but HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY TO MY WONDER BLOG ! * blows 6 candles * and wow thank you for being a witness to my endless drama, random thoughts and wonderful memories !

Well, my blog birthday is really every  December (I forgot the date lol) and because of my busy schedule at work (UGH AGAIN ADULT LIFE) i don’t blog that much anymore 😦

I can now say that this personal blog has gained a big part in my life and serves as a nostalgic gateway to my happy, crazy and sad memories that made me who I am today. Whenever I’m feeling down, I always visit this blog and read my past posts  and then realize- you must keep moving everyday and never quit because someday, something good will happen. And life is a wonderful adventure- you can’t call something ‘ adventurous’ without taking risks, getting lost, and making a lot of mistakes. I also realized that a true blogger is not really about having a good grammar, thousand followers, picture perfect posts and all but letting all your emotions out and not giving a damn on what people will think.  And i think, that’s the art of blogging 🙂

So here’s to my blog and to all the bloggers out there ! keep on sharing  your thoughts people ! you might give an inspiration to someone and even change them – yes that’s how powerful blogging is.

Blogging is not for earning- its about helping others with the knowledge that you have. – Syed Faizan Ali



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