Secret Meetings

I know posting this won’t be a secret anymore, but it still a secret for my other HS friends. LOL. So anyways, me and 2 HS friends had a unexpected hangout last January, and little did we know that we will end up with this 🙂

We ate at Korean and Japanese restaurants, had a KTV time and just yesterday, we went to an awesome restaurant w/ boardgames at makati 🙂 We decided to hangout monthly- sort of a ritual for us hahaha and it’s kind of unfair? i think because our other friends don’t know about this ‘secret meetings’. :PP

The best part of this is that, although many years have passed without seeing each other (before our hangout last January), nothing has changed- we are still the crazy, funny bitches in HS and we don’t feel like working adults at all whenever we meet 🙂 And i think that’s the magic of friendship, you can be your old self without hesitations. And we don’t usually talk about our present careers, we just live in the moment and reminisce our high school days + laughing nonsense + eating + eating again :))


The “epic straw” hahaha. #IDESERVEBETTER

And last but not the least, even if we are not complete, we are still crazily happy- and it was really funny that this small hangouts are unplanned yet it always happens- while our planned hangouts w/ other HS friends always end up as a ‘plan’. LOL. Blame it to our busy schedules. #AdultLife :((

Since we  decided to make this monthly, we are planning for an overnight hangout next month- looking for more ways to enjoy the summer ! Hope it will happen :))


On hangouts, we wear WHITE. #WeDeserveBetter #WorkingGirls


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