Being Careless-This is really a habit of mine which i think, annoys people a lot, including my parents. I’m usually a cool, laid-back person and when I don’t like someone or something, 100 % I will avoid it/them most of the time. This is one of the challenge that an introvert faces in this extroverted world, where noisy and active people usually gets the spotlight. Before, I used to think that being an introvert is a negative thing, until I realized that as I grow up, there is no such thing as being introvert, extrovert or ambivert, because you’re personality is lot, lot more colorful and wild than you think.

Since I was a child, I labeled myself as the awkward, insecure girl who tends to stay away from the crowd. I realized that my ‘careless’ habit is already present during that time. That habit later on dragged me down as I begin to lose friends, pitted by my teachers and the laughing stock of my classmates. That went on for a year i think, and thankfully, during my high school, I met wonderful friends who still keep in touch with me up until today. As i look back on those days, i realized that there’s something powerful about a careless person- and that is individuality.

I always used to care too much about myself and other opinions. I was so fucking sensitive back then that it so easy to make me cry. But then, things change. I begin to hate labels and stereotypes in society, because as you label a person, he/she will think about it as also herself. I was used to be labeled a lot- the shy girl, the girl in the shadows, etc. And now guess what. I don’t give a single care about it all because I’m not that, and only myself knows the real me. The shy girl? I already done many crazy things in front of many people and still walk in confidence. The girl who won’t make it big? I already have a stable a job only 3 months after I graduated, passed my 4th year doing both my thesis and OJT. My point here is this, nobody can just be an introvert, extrovert, or any other labels because you can be all of that. Individuality is already on the brink of losing these days, and it really makes me sad. I think I will have to say goodbye to originality in this ‘fake world’.

Screw labels. Screw stereotypes. Let’s fight for individuality.



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