So I turned a year older last May 15 and I’m happy and annoyed? at the same time because 1.) I’m happy that I’m still alive and healthy as a horse 2.) I’m annoyed because I’m getting deep and deeper into adulthood and I’m OLD. LOL. Kidding aside, my birthday last weekend turned out to be really special and memorable.

  1. May 13, Friday:
  • I availed my birthday leave last May 13(although my birthday is really every 15th) for a long-weekend vacation. This day turned out to be really special because I spent it with my HS friends (10 years of friendship!) and they surprised me w/ a cake + messages at the box. :))


Their cake + messages surprise for me! 

2. May 15- My Birthdaaay !

  • Todaaaay is the day ! Since this is my super special day, I got to spent it with my family 🙂 we went to tagaytay for our celebration by thanking God for all the blessings I received throughout my 23 years in this world 🙂 we also had dinner at RSM tagaytay and I’m so happy that my birthday is always like this: simple, fun and memorable.

I can honestly say that I’ve been through many ups and downs and been disappointed on how my career life right now turned out to be the  opposite of what I’ve had wished last year but I was thinking- maybe God is preparing me for something great and you know the rules of life: Before happiness, you need to experience hardships, rejections and heartbreaks. I think I’m getting to the ‘happiness’ part because next week, I’ll be on a one week vacation w/ my family and I’m planning to resign and look for the right job for me. I decided that I need- and must make my dreams come true and stop from dreaming, I need to wake up right now.

So, here’s to more and more birthdays to come for me and may all my wishes come true. Congratulations, 23 yr old self!


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