Travel to Dipaculao, Aurora

Our last shot for summer and one of the wonderful places I’ve traveled so far – our travel to Dipaculao, Aurora Province. This is another hidden paradise and indeed, we were very lucky that we discovered it. 🙂

  • May 31, Tuesday.

Just 2 days after our Cagbalete adventure, we are off again and even if i just had one hour sleep- we left our house at exactly 3AM, I was so energetic and really looking forward for our destination and the whole travel itself. We had breakfast at MCDO nlex at around 6 AM and around 12 noon, we had lunch at Baler, Aurora. Its been 3 years since we went there but for me, its feels like I’ve just been there a month ago. Yeah. Time flies really quickly.

Its a 2-hour trip from Baler to Dipaculao and the view was just awesome! the road is just next to the perfect blue ocean, we even did a little picture taking 🙂

As if that’s not enough, we drove through 3 huge mountains and its like I’m travelling to Sagada all over again minus the cold atmosphere- the terrifying but beautiful ravines, thick jungle of coconut trees and lots and lots of green plus view of the pacific ocean. Too bad I didn’t took pictures but you can’t blame me-I was enjoying too much.

Tadadadaaan ! after almost 9 hours of travel we finally arrived in Dipaculao and we were right- the place is one hidden paradise. And the resort we would be staying is what I didn’t expect- it was rustic and waaay awesome!


La Sunshine Beach Resort w/ their Cottages. #BeachHouseGoals #BeachFrontLITERALLY 

When we arrived, honestly we wanna scream and jump for joy because really, the place is really beautiful and aside from the family next to our cottage, the resort is almost OURS. LOL. We had a relaxing afternoon swim and at night, the place turns magical because of the fireflies and the starry starry sky! It feels like I’m transported into wonderland. The only thing that bothered us is the insects flying around- a large grasshopper(not sure but it looks like one) entered the bathroom while I was taking a shower ! and an insect also entered my sister’s ear but luckily we pulled it out using oil. Aside from that, that day is almost next to perfect 🙂

  • June 1, Wednesday.

We woke up early for a morning swim and also a trip to a small falls nearby. It was a 30-minute hike from the beach and we took a refreshing swim.



Spot the Rainbow! 

We went also to the rock formations along the shoreline a relaxing swim too  under the high sun.


Processed with VSCO


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


The view is just perfect and the rock formations is really something- photography worthy, that is.


  • June 2, Thursday- Last day.

All good things comes to an end- we left the resort at around 1 PM and guess what time we took lunch. 6PM! lol idk if you would still call it lunch. We can’t find a good restaurant on our way back well, its expected since the city is 4or 5 mountains away from Dipaculao but anyways we still enjoyed the travel. 🙂

I’m really happy that my summer 2016 ends with a good note- not just good but really, really unforgettable. I enjoyed the place, the resort most especially, and I think Dipaculao would be one of the places worth going back again and again 🙂 So for those who thought that Boracay is the best white-sand beach here in the Philippines, wait till you visit this hidden paradise, I’ll tell you its even better than Boracay! (in my opinion). Thanks for the memories and hopefully to see you again this October Dipaculao!



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