Before the year ends, I’ll make sure that this will all happen:

  • Resign already in my current work.
  • Find a job that will suit my personality and increase my self- confidence, not to shatter it.
  • Find a side job related to art, music- something about my passion.
  • Travel out of town w/ friends or possible, out of the country 🙂

I really want the first two to happen because I’m getting sick of my current job right now and worse, I can’t stand my boring social life anymore. I really hope that the next company I’ll be into would be fitted for me. It hurts to say that, the longer I stay in my current job,  the more i begin to hate corporate life. They say that everything happens for a reason, but why oh why, I stayed here in the company? Oh yeah right. Because I have no choice.

But this time, I will now have a choice. I will now stand up for myself. I want that day to arrive, that I will finally say goodbye to this shit, boring and robotic work life. I’m beginning to imagine it. And not looking back, not giving a damn to all those people who judged me without knowing me personally.

I swear this will all happen. I must make it happen.


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