Get thrilled @ Mystery Manila

So yesterday, we went to this super cool place called Mystery Manila(actually its my second time to go here) and there are two reasons why I returned: First, because i want to bond again w/ my HS friends, and second(and the most important) I WANT TO SOLVE REBECCA’S ROOM SO BADLY.



funny messages made by previous players 🙂

Basically, you got to solve a mystery (there are 3 different mystery themes in Jupiter, Makati Branch) in 1 hour. During my previous experience, we didn’t solved Rebecca’s Room because we don’t know how to use a rotary vault lock! The locks inside the room are really crazy ! hahaha. Anyways, I returned with my HS friends hoping that we will solve it. AND IT DID. 🙂

Rebecca’s Room theme is one of a hell scary experience. Aside from the demonic symbols in the walls of the room + random screaming of a girl can be heard, the back story of the mystery is scary too. The players in the room will the play the role of spirit questors to give peace to Rebecca’s soul and to find out the reason behind her sudden disappearance. I won’t give any more spoilers but we were so happy that we solved it in 56 minutes! like woah that was really close to the time limit! It was really an awesome experience for the second time around 🙂


Thank you Mystery Manila for this thrilling experience!  

Will try to solve its sequel, Rebecca’s Revenge soon! :)) For those who want to try out Rebecca’s Room, i suggest that you must be familliar with all kinds of locks! 😀

This is a must-try for everyone so get your family or friends and be ready to get thrilled 🙂


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