Way Back to Baguio

Another throwback feel travel again folks! after 5 years we finally returned again to the city of pines and it was a happy halloween holiday indeed 🙂

Day 1:

We arrived at Baguio at around 8AM and the cool breeze is really refreshing because the weather in cavite is hot af LOL but anyways, we went first at Burnham Park to chill for awhile since our check in at the hotel is still at 2PM. We had breakfast first and then did some picture taking and an hour boat ride around the lake too 🙂


Mamang and Tita also joined us here in Baguio and around 3PM, we checked in our hotel and had a late lunch. We rested for awhile (I watched the Purge 3 lol) and at evening, we had dinner in a restaurant in Burnham Park and it was sooo cold (16 degrees O__O) but its okay since its the reason why we went here, for the cool weather 🙂

Day 2:

Our Itinerary for this day: Tam-awan Village, Diplomat Hotel, Laperal White House and Camp John Hay. Diplomat Hotel and Laperal White House was the highlight of our trip since its Halloween and also for my curiosity’s sake. We’ve been to Tam-awan Village before but I don’t remember the place much, because the last time I went there was 10 to 11 years ago? not that sure.


Tam-awan Village is bursting of creative culture (I love their gallery!) and I got to see the traditional houses of the Ifugaos.

Some of the Ifugaos creative artworks

Second stop: @ Old Diplomat Hotel in Dominican Hill. Honestly, I’ve been dying to see this place because  1. I’ve seen it in a lot of horror documentaries and it was even included in the list of ” most haunted hotels in the world” w/ evidence included O__O 2. to feel an extraordinary presence(although I don’t want to see a ghost lol). It’s just a 15-minute travel away from Tam-Awan and near the Lourdes Grotto. It’s situated on top of a hill and you can see the whole city of Baguio. The moment we arrived there, I didn’t felt scared or intimidated by the abandoned structure, I find it mysteriously beautiful- and picture worthy.


I just got surprised when we entered the building- it was freakin cold inside! Like a bucket of ice-cold water is thrown at me. It was kind of fascinating since its my first time to enter an abandoned building. The place was opened to public recently, like 3 to 4 years ago I think, and made it a heritage park. Many people are also there and I was kind of glad that we’re not alone- although I find the place beautiful, It’s also kind of scary, knowing the horror stories in the building.


interior shots of the building.

Based on what I’ve read about the place, the place was built by the Dominicans in the 1900’s as a retreat house in the city. It was also made as a garrison by the Japanese forces during WWII which witnessed a lot of brutality. They say that many priests and nuns were beheaded and babies were killed in the fountain. According to the ghost stories I’ve read, people say that they can still hear crying infants at night and a ghost nun is said to roam around the halls. #creepy.

20161030_12425720161030_123931 View of the hotel’s roofdeck

Despite the horror stories, I want this place to be known as a heritage site- the structure is more than a hundred years old and it has played a large part in our history.


3rd stop: @Laperal White House. Sadly, the place is closed and I haven’t got a chance to take a picture since many tourists are doing photo ops outside the house. This time, I didn’t find the place beautiful, I really find it creepy. The first floor of the house was converted into a museum (based on my research) I don’t know why they closed it again 😦 bummer.

Anyways, we proceed to Camp John Hay and i think it’s the one and only place in Baguio City where you can feel that you’re really in the City of Pines. My father used to say that Baguio is a lot beautiful in the past full of pine trees which makes you feel like you’re outside the country. Well time change and because of the pollution and development, I’m so glad the this camp existed.


Hope to visit again Baguio in 2 to 3 years? maybe and its a good thing we spent the long holiday here 🙂 Till next time!


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