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2016: A Colorful Year

2016, was indeed a colorful one- I was overwhelmed with a lot of things but as time goes by, my year has been turned into a colorful, beautiful painting.

I had a lot of disappointments, which mostly came from work. I began to lose passion in everything and wondering when can i escape from this suffering. I later realized that it’s not yet the right time to move to another job- I still have to learn a lot of things. I know it would be more difficult in the coming year, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed and just let go and let God. Maybe God has better plans for me and I believe in right timing.

Despite those dark colors, my year has also been colored into different bright colors- I’ve been to new places, new experiences with friends and so much more. The “We deserve better” secret clique has been formed, summer travels in the north, mini-get together with HS and College friends, and special moments with my family. It didn’t masked the dark colors but rather mixed it with the bright colors, thus producing a masterpiece. 🙂

Lastly, the artist of this masterpiece is on the way to maturity- she can handle her problems alone which she thought would never happen. She finally get to experience something she never felt before- to find happiness in solidarity. And she’s proud of it. 🙂

Thank you 2016, thank you for the memories.


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