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River Rafting in Cagayan De Oro

Another dream come true – i finally got to experience river rafting! I’ve been waiting to cross this out in my bucketlist, so last June 2, Friday, together with my family of adventurers, we survived this wonderful and thrilling experience.


We were picked up by our tour jeepney at 7:30 AM sharp. We were not the only passengers in the jeep as it also picked others who will have river rafting too, and we had a long time waiting for them so we already arrived at 9AM. Before we had our rafting, our tour guide gave us a briefing on safety measures and i got nervous when he said that a lot of tourists have fall in the rapids during the rafting. LOL. But then he assured us that as long us we will follow his instructions, we will survived this adventure. He also taught us the proper use of our paddles.

Me and my brother 🙂

We chose the Mid-Section package (Advanced Course) which costs 1800/ head. Our raft will go through 24 rapids in 4 hours + a free swimming 🙂 Our transpo, gears and paddles are already included in the package.

Our Hi-5 !

It was very nerve-racking to go through the rapids, it feels as if you fall from the boat! We just paddled and paddled and after every rapid, we do the Hi-5 ! 🙂

It’s like i’m in a Rio Grande Ride in Enchanted Kingdom, but this time no one operates the ride but us. The view of the river and the surrounding mountains is also spectacular.


The river has a also a free-swimming area, which is 30 to 70 ft deep.

Jump then fall
Paddle through the waves


We survived !


For me, 4 hours isn’t enough as we had really enjoyed this adventure. The endless paddling + heat + the huge scary rapids, it was all worth it!

We survived! Here’s to more adventures 🙂

Go try it with your family and friends! Visit the official website of Kagay Cagayan De Oro Rafting here.

BONUS: Here’s a video of our thrilling experience- watch until the end! 😀


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