Bukidnon, Philippines

This is a side trip of our Mindanao travel last May which makes the whole week travel well spent πŸ™‚ Our accommodation in Cagayan De Oro, Marianne Suites arranged this tour for us aside from our rafting adventure. This is only a whole day travel but its all worth it πŸ™‚

First stop for the morning: Del Monte Farm. Aside from their tomato sauce, Del Monte is well known for their pineapple fruit drinks and we got to see their huge pineapple farm.


Pineapples everywhere


We also had a good view of this farm from the top of a hill and the scenery was just beautiful.


A whole field of green

Next stop: Dahilayan Adventure and Nature Park. The place has a strong resemblance of Baguio because of the Pine trees and the cool climate, but this is a lot better than Baguio. With tall pine trees perfectly aligned with each other, cozy picnic tables and great view, its a Camp John Hay version 2.0



Twilight feels here
Nice Picnic Tables


They also have some attractions like the Luge Hanging Bridge, Drop Zone etc but we didn’t try those (except for their zipline) because its a bit pricey, so we just hang out in their cute playground.



View of the Luge Hanging Bridge

And last but not the least, we tried their longest dual zipline in Asia and it was really awesome! With 840m long, the zipline passes through great pine trees, lush mountains and green fields. Before the ride, A 4WD safari cruiser transported us to their launch tower.

groufie before the ride!
w/ our gears for the zipline


Preparing to fly: the “WTF I’m nervous” look on my sister’s face πŸ˜€
#supergirl on barefoot!

We also tried their 320 MT plus 150 MT zipline and the view is awesome too.

with my sis πŸ™‚ #wesurvived

Go conquer your fear of heights here! Visit Dahilayan’s official website atΒ dahilayanadventurepark.com

Till next time, Bukidnon!


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