Lost and Found

I was once lost,

nearly for 2 long months.

My suffering seems to last forever,

far away from my happy ever after.


I’m on the way of redeeming myself,

from all those great mistakes.

I promised myself that I will turn a new leaf,

and face life without fear.


My prayer has been granted,

and I’m now back on track.

I may not change what happened in the past,

but I could start all over again.


The lost sheep has been found,

her shepherd is now proud.

The past was just a minor setback,

and now’s the time for her major comeback.




When life gets tough each day,
smile and your fears will go away.
look at the bright side of life,
and be thankful that you’re alive.

Life is never meant to be easy,
just go with the flow and stay happy.
Pray to God and you will see,
your faith in him will set you free.

– Crizel

The Voice.


There are times that i feel afraid,

A fear that wants me to break.

I feel so sad, hopeless and lost

Tell me, which way do I go ?

And then a voice told me,

” follow your heart, do as you please,

Believe in yourself, keep the faith,

always remember its not too late.”

I did what the voice told me. 

I believe that i could, and then I did.

Many people thought I would lose,

but I won and make it through.

It doesn’t matter what others told me, 

because their opinions doesn’t define me. 

I believed more in what the voice told me,

because that voice, is within me. 


At the end of the day, it’s still me, you, who would make the choice. 

Happiness is not by destiny, its a choice. Choose it. 

For you and mine.


When i look at the skies,

Tears fall on my eyes,

thinking time has passed,

For you and mine.


You used to hold my hand,

and i hold yours,

wishing our love would last,

and now a memory of past.


Did it really have to be her.?

I really don’t want to remember

Is she really better than me.?

Now i know, because you left me.


Why did it have to happen.?

You leave me all of a sudden,

It hurts inside, and i cry,

It feels like i want to die.


And Now it is over,

the love we had before.

Time Has flied so fast,

For you and MINE.


– crizelda nicolas

"Stay with me". ( Please don’t leave me)

“The moment you left me alone,

i began to wonder why would you go  ,

i gave everything for you  to be happy,

and now you left me here, sad and lonely


We used to walk on the beach together,

promising each other’s forever

Why do you have to go.?

i need you, and i want you to know..


I love you, please don’t go

i’ll give  you the love you want to know,

I love you, please stay with me,

I still don’t want to set you free.


I’ll promise i’ll be yours forever,

my love will keep us together,

without you, I’ll be nothing,

So please dear, stay with me.”


– My own created poem of love and sadness. I’m not saying that I’m experiencing  what i had written in my poem, it’s just that i dedicate this to all the people who are left by their loved ones without any reason.