I’m already tired since two years ago. I’m already tired of trying to care about my job, dreams, everything. I’m already tired of crying every night and pretending everything is alright. I’m already tired lying to my parents and friends that I’m doing good and there’s nothing to worry about. I’ve always felt good in being alone…but this is different. I have no one to talk to what I’m experiencing right now. Even my siblings judge me, and I know that even if my parents tells me that they will support everything that I want in life, I know deep inside that they don’t. Maybe I really deserve all of this, that even after years of hardwork when I was still in school, it will never be enough. Maybe I’m destined to be stuck here forever. A corporate slave. I have a life, but it feels like it doesn’t belong to me. Why? Why life has been unfair to me in the past two years?

It hurts me a lot seeing people pursuing their passion, living their life what they wanted It to be. But me? I’m just holding on to this job because of my parents. Because they want me to be a corporate slave just like them. But this kind of life- it is slowly killing me. Killing my true self. My once hopeful spirit is already gone. I don’t even know myself anymore. I don’t give a single fuck anymore in my job, whether my performance rating is low or my officemates are disappointed at me. I just… don’t care what will happen to me. Because right from the start, the moment I entered corporate life, I felt nothing but sadness. I’ve felt that working here is a big mistake, and alas, it really is. Because from the beginning, I know that this kind of career is not for me. But I tried. I fucking tried, and if I could just go back in time and didn’t submit my resume here. If I just fought for what I really want, to pursue graphic designing. But I didn’t. And it is all my fault.

So, here you go folks, I have no choice but to suck up this miserable life of mine.


The End.

Haz lo que te haga feliz

Awhile ago, I’ve met with my college friend of 5 years and I told her the real happenings in my work place. She also related to me her previous corporate experience, how she realized that its not really meant for her and decided to pursue her passion- multimedia arts.

I was inspired by her experience because she followed her heart, and I can see that she’s enjoying what she has right now and never regretted it. While here i am, disappointed on how everything turned out in my career, full of regrets.

I know you will think I’m immature, sensitive or what but yes, if that’s what I am then i really do. I finally realized that i don’t care right now at all and I will pursue what I really want in life- to apply in a company near our house, in a position where I could really show my strength, and study web design. My friend is right: If you don’t love what you are doing, then stop it- because it’s pointless if you continue doing it.

I’ll start submitting resumes tomorrow, I really mean it right now. I can’t stand working in my company for another year. I’m so sick of my Job, all the people around in my workplace, everything. It’s not helping me.

I’ll promise that this year, I’ll make my goal happen: to do what makes me happy. 2 years is freaking enough. I’m already done.