Lost and Found

I was once lost,

nearly for 2 long months.

My suffering seems to last forever,

far away from my happy ever after.


I’m on the way of redeeming myself,

from all those great mistakes.

I promised myself that I will turn a new leaf,

and face life without fear.


My prayer has been granted,

and I’m now back on track.

I may not change what happened in the past,

but I could start all over again.


The lost sheep has been found,

her shepherd is now proud.

The past was just a minor setback,

and now’s the time for her major comeback.



7 years and counting.

Just want to tell you guys that I’ve been blogging for 7 years already! Time flies really quickly and I know that this blog is a witness of the many crazy changes in my life and on how i post too πŸ™‚

Last night, i back read on my blog posts and i teared up on some parts (not kidding!) because i began to miss my teenage life a.k.a the golden years of my life. My posts back then seem hopeless, i mean i thought i would never graduate and here I am, working for almost 2 years already. I also laughed on my posts about my puppy-love crushes and I cringed in some parts because I was so cheesy back then. (ewww) haha old self y so stupid πŸ˜›

I think what makes this blog important is because almost all my memories are stored here and my past posts inspire me to continue and be hopeful of the future. I never realized that I’ve accomplished so much in life, thanks to this blog that recorded almost every happenings of my life, from daily rants to social issues, and of course unforgettable memories w/ my loved ones.

So here’s to more blogging years for me! Happy 7th, WonderCrizel πŸ™‚