My first Holy Week at Ilocos Norte

Despite the fear of traffic which usually happens during the holidays, we still traveled to Ilocos Norte last holy week and I’m so glad that we did it 🙂

  • April 13- Maundy Thursday.

After a 12- hour travel from South, we headed to a river resort somewhere in Sarrat, Ilocos Norte.


  • April 14 – Good Friday.

We did the traditional station of the cross at St. Monica Church in Ilocos, Norte and the church is one of the best churches I’ve ever seen.


Pastel-colored clouds

We also witnessed the traditional ‘ prusisyon’ of the saints and the statue of Christ in Laoag, Ilocos Norte.


  • April 15- Black Saturday.

We went to Saud Beach Resort in Pagudpud and even with a huge crowd, it didn’t destroy the beauty of the place.


I still can’t help but stare in awe of the beautiful sunset in Saud- it was magical.


Till next time, Ilocos 🙂


Summer Memories

So far, this year’s summer is almost the same as my 2012 summer- fun, exciting and memorable. Despite heartaches and stress that I felt in the past days because of my work, this memories made me realize that there is so much more to life and more reasons to smile. More memories like this in the future summers please!


Travel to Dipaculao, Aurora

Our last shot for summer and one of the wonderful places I’ve traveled so far – our travel to Dipaculao, Aurora Province. This is another hidden paradise and indeed, we were very lucky that we discovered it. 🙂

  • May 31, Tuesday.

Just 2 days after our Cagbalete adventure, we are off again and even if i just had one hour sleep- we left our house at exactly 3AM, I was so energetic and really looking forward for our destination and the whole travel itself. We had breakfast at MCDO nlex at around 6 AM and around 12 noon, we had lunch at Baler, Aurora. Its been 3 years since we went there but for me, its feels like I’ve just been there a month ago. Yeah. Time flies really quickly.

Its a 2-hour trip from Baler to Dipaculao and the view was just awesome! the road is just next to the perfect blue ocean, we even did a little picture taking 🙂

As if that’s not enough, we drove through 3 huge mountains and its like I’m travelling to Sagada all over again minus the cold atmosphere- the terrifying but beautiful ravines, thick jungle of coconut trees and lots and lots of green plus view of the pacific ocean. Too bad I didn’t took pictures but you can’t blame me-I was enjoying too much.

Tadadadaaan ! after almost 9 hours of travel we finally arrived in Dipaculao and we were right- the place is one hidden paradise. And the resort we would be staying is what I didn’t expect- it was rustic and waaay awesome!


La Sunshine Beach Resort w/ their Cottages. #BeachHouseGoals #BeachFrontLITERALLY 

When we arrived, honestly we wanna scream and jump for joy because really, the place is really beautiful and aside from the family next to our cottage, the resort is almost OURS. LOL. We had a relaxing afternoon swim and at night, the place turns magical because of the fireflies and the starry starry sky! It feels like I’m transported into wonderland. The only thing that bothered us is the insects flying around- a large grasshopper(not sure but it looks like one) entered the bathroom while I was taking a shower ! and an insect also entered my sister’s ear but luckily we pulled it out using oil. Aside from that, that day is almost next to perfect 🙂

  • June 1, Wednesday.

We woke up early for a morning swim and also a trip to a small falls nearby. It was a 30-minute hike from the beach and we took a refreshing swim.



Spot the Rainbow! 

We went also to the rock formations along the shoreline a relaxing swim too  under the high sun.


Processed with VSCO


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


The view is just perfect and the rock formations is really something- photography worthy, that is.


  • June 2, Thursday- Last day.

All good things comes to an end- we left the resort at around 1 PM and guess what time we took lunch. 6PM! lol idk if you would still call it lunch. We can’t find a good restaurant on our way back well, its expected since the city is 4or 5 mountains away from Dipaculao but anyways we still enjoyed the travel. 🙂

I’m really happy that my summer 2016 ends with a good note- not just good but really, really unforgettable. I enjoyed the place, the resort most especially, and I think Dipaculao would be one of the places worth going back again and again 🙂 So for those who thought that Boracay is the best white-sand beach here in the Philippines, wait till you visit this hidden paradise, I’ll tell you its even better than Boracay! (in my opinion). Thanks for the memories and hopefully to see you again this October Dipaculao!


Travel to Cagbalete Island

Here’s our first highlight trip for 2016 ! Hooray again for summer as I get to spend it with the whole family + cousins! It’s been a long time since we traveled complete(last was 2012) and it feels good that 2016 gave us another chance 🙂 without further ado, here’s our 2-day stay at one of the popular tourist destinations this year.

My parents planned this trip, my father actually since his office mate introduced this wonderful island. It’s a four-hour travel from Cavite to Mauban, Quezon plus another 1/2 hour travel by boat to Cagbalete Island. We left at 3 AM sharp and we arrived at Mauban port at around 7 AM.We ate breakfast first and did some picture taking- as always.



Mauban Port, Mauban Quezon 

Our boat travel was supposed to be only 45 mins, but we had a looong long wait for other passengers before our boat depart. We still had fun though, aside from picture taking and chit chatting, the view of the ocean is perfect 🙂

We arrived at Cagbalete Island at around 12 PM and a small boat took us to the resort- Dona Choleng and we can’t help but stare in awe of the beautiful beach and white, white sand 🙂 Can’t believe that there are still awesome white sand beaches in the south and i thought Puerto Galera is the only one. We were also informed that the electricity in the island is 6PM-6AM only. It’s a bit inconvenient but hey, its an adventure so no ‘maarte’ allowed. LOL.

We took a long rest because of the long travel and in the afternoon, we took our late lunch and we went to Cagbalete’s famous attraction: The Sand Bar 🙂 It’s almost an hour boat travel from our resort and the place really lived up to what the other travel blogs said: it is picture worthy!


 Our boatman/tour guide that time is also a great photographer! he took photo of us with different angles and it was really cool! check out the pictures below #mindblown

Me and the “bakawan” tree attraction 

I love how his shots emphasized the view most especially the clouds! He took a shot of our whole family and it was really #photographygoals. :DD


We went snorkeling after and its really fun when you’re surrounded with beautiful corals + happy cousins + one big happy family :))

We woke up early the next day and sunrise in the beach never fail to amaze me 🙂 and can i just say the clouds is being perf ever since we arrived ! #amazing


We went for a swim, and not just swim but we played frisbee too in the water! i thought frisbee is only awesome when played in your lawn or any outdoor space but i think its more thrilling when played in the beach 🙂

We left Cagbalete at around 12 PM and arrived in Quezon at around 2 PM. We had our super late lunch (again) in Palaisdaan and to thank God for everything, we went to Kamay Ni Hesus in Lucban Quezon to attend the anticipated mass. It even rained and i think it’s the perfect end note to our adventure 🙂

This travel is i think will be one of my most memorable moments of my life and although there a bits of ‘bloopers’ or should i say, inconvenience ( the no-electricity rule in the island because it was so damn hot + my tooth ache during dinner) this moment is another blessing for me and perhaps a late birthday gift from God 🙂 Till next time, Cagbalete !


Summer Happenings

So far, I’m having the best time of my life this summer(not including my work life here, it’s still boring as shit) because I spent it with my family and my first ever outing with my 2 HS friends ! :))

  • Last week of March

This definitely one of my best weeks as I spent my holy week with my family and cousins! although we didn’t really adapt to the custom holy week like fasting etc. (I’m really sorry about this) i felt really blessed because of these happenings 🙂


From formal to wacky 😛 

We went to Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna and aside from sightseeing and foodtripping, we got hooked at chain reaction game and I’m feeling an artsy photographer because of the scenery 🙂


  • April 3 – Munting Buhangin, Batangas.

Today is beach day ! We went to this awesome resort in batangas and as usual, we had tons of fun plus braving the deep waters is really cool, you see my brother and I used to hangout near the restricted area in the beach and although the lifeguards keep on whistling at us, we didn’t care and just keep swimming. LOL okay please don’t imitate us but we really enjoyed it so YOLO.


  • April 23-24 :  WE DESERVE BETTER first ever overnight outing :))

At last. IT FINALLY HAPPENED ! my ‘secret group’ has lived the dream, we finally got to travel to Tagaytay + overnight + swimming ! we stayed at Wind residences, a 5-star condo in  Tagaytay (I previously stayed there before with my family) and you can guess that we’re having the time of our lives- secretly. LOL. see my post ” Secret Meetings”


We had our lunch at Bradley’s just in front of Wind residence and I really liked their bulalo + the breathtaking view at the back of their restaurant 🙂

We went back to our condo to take a rest first and after  a 3 hour afternoon nap, we woke up refreshed and we went to Sky ranch for a relaxing ride at the ferris wheel and scream our hearts out at the super viking- and it was hell one-of-a-kind ride!


their deadly ‘super viking’. O__O 

We went to starbucks after and while drinking our delicious frappes, we talked about our crazy memories back in high school most especially our addiction to friendster! It’s really magical when you looked back on your teenage years and laughed about it, even the heartbreaks we’ve had because we realized that we had finally grew up and moved on. And the best part? we are still together up until now and even if many things have changed, our ‘high school’ spirit is still within us. :))

We had korean noodles + chuckie drink for dinner and it was my first time to use an electric gas stove! our condo is really modern looking and we really felt we are the cool rich kids lol 😀 we watched ‘ gravity’ , had some late night chit chats and around 1 PM, we decided to call it a night.

We woke up early in the morning and I was quite excited because we will have a swim in their super nice clubhouse although we paid 150 pesos for it but it was all worth it :))

Having fun at the clubhouse pool 🙂 


Chillin at the clubhouse. 

After our morning swim, we decide to have a picnic in their landscape garden and our snacks ? loads of junk foods + tropicana juice. 🙂

#WeDeserveBetter #SquadGoals

We also went to the penthouse, but it’s not open compared to Cityland, another condo in tagaytay but we still took pictures from their open stairway. The view is really good, btw 🙂

Although I’m still having a hard time at work, I’m still thankful for this moments and summer is just getting really exciting since we will return again to Baler plus road trip in Aurora Province ! well, before I get excited and all, i need my boss approval form my 2 week leave. Bummer :||

Anyways, I’m still happy and I’m so glad that I’m enjoying this summer despite the intense heat here! more outings to come pleaaase :))